November 8, 2017

When winter comes around, there’s more than one way to warm up your living room to make it a cozy retreat for the season. Instead of turning up the heat, creating a cozy and inviting space is simple with just a few design tricks and tips.

Layer Your Space

Layering a space isn’t just a great, general design tip – it can also add to the coziness of your space. Bare rooms with minimal accents and harsh lines can feel cold and uninviting. Add items like rugs, throw pillows, throw blankets, and don’t be afraid to add a few of each. Layering two rugs adds instant warmth, and it’s hard to have too many throw pillows and cozy blankets.

Incorporate Knits & Other Textures

Nothing says cozy winter weather like knits! Textures are a great way to add warmth and comfort to your space, and knits are perfect for the season. Look for knitted blankets, knitted throw pillows or even a small knitted pouf to add to your living room. You can also mix other textures into your space like faux fur and high pile rugs to add even more warmth and dimension to your living room.

Use Warm Tones

Incorporating warm and natural tones can have a big impact on the feeling of your space. Whether you opt for warm hardwood floors, chestnut-coloured bookshelves or a leather accent chair, these are all easy and instant ways to add warmth to your room. This is especially useful in rooms where the walls are predominantly white, to offset some of the starkness and create a contrast.

Consider Your Lighting

With shorter days comes the necessity for more lighting, and the right lighting makes all the difference in your living room. Try to stay away from pot lights, or if you do have pot lights, think about adding a dimmer switch so you can adjust the brightness. Hang a gorgeous chandelier that casts a warm glow over the room, and incorporate accent lighting throughout the space. A great reading lamp in the corner of the living room can also be a great choice.

Combine Glamourous & Woodsy Elements

Creating a cozy, well-designed space is all about creating balance. Go too far with one trend or design style and your space can end up looking gimmicky, too far with the other and you risk the space looking cold. Instead, find a nice balance between glamourous and woodsy elements. Look for a set of antlers or other woodsy motifs, and pair it with a metallic or glittery accent piece to create the balance you’re looking for.

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