Our Testimonials

At Dan Clayton Homes, our goal is to bring your dream home to life.

Here’s what our customers have to say about their DCH homes:

“We purchased a new build from DCH and it was a great experience! Dan is very personable and was able to customize our home to our satisfaction. It was very easy to work with Dan. We’ve built new homes with other builders before, but Dan’s superior customer service makes him different from many other builders in town. You will work directly with Dan, who understands his customers needs/wants. He has a team of excellent contractors that ensure the quality is topnotch. When you are buying a Dan Clayton Home, it’s not just a home you bought, it also comes with personal experience and superior customer service. We highly recommend you give Dan a call when you start looking for your next home.”

—Sammi Li

“We absolutely love the house that Dan has built for us and we are grateful for the service he provides. Dan is always courteous and respectful. He has always taken the time to listen and to work with us to provide our dream home. Even after our home was built, he still provided excellent service and was quick to resolve any issues (which are not many, but are common with new builds). We would build with him again, which says more than anything else.”

—R. P.

“It was time to buy a house for our family, and after checking the opportunities with a lot of builders, we decided to buy a house from Dan Clayton Homes. Dan is a small builder, but he takes the time to listen carefully to the details and takes pride in his work. Talking as a subcontractor, it’s worth sitting with Dan and talking about your future house because it’s worth it. We love our house and the neighbourhood. We couldn’t be any happier with our choices!”

—Agon Neziri

“As a subcontractor, I have enjoyed every aspect of working alongside Dan Clayton Homes. Sites are always clean and the end result is topnotch. I highly recommend DCH for your first or last home.”

—Paul Sharples

“Dan Clayton Homes builds a beautiful product. He is down-to-earth and easy to talk to. He delivers what he promises and the attention to detail and care when he is building a home is evident in all of his work.”

—Andra Arnold

“We are proud to endorse Dan Clayton Homes. It can be a daunting or overwhelming task to enter into a custom build. Rest assured that Dan Clayton will take care of all your needs. Dan has a passion and enthusiasm for his profession. Every home is special in its own way. Modern, elegant, and magazine worthy! You won’t be disappointed in choosing Dan Clayton Homes.

—Caeleigh MacGaines

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