July 5, 2016

Each season brings new trends and styles for all aspects of the home. Besides decor this is also very evident in landscaping! In 2016 people are busier than ever but still want to maintain a decorous outdoor living space that is low maintenance,  where they can spend their time.

Here are the top 5 landscaping trends to watch out for in 2016:

1) Outdoor Living Spaces

As people are looking to spend more time outdoors, they envision their backyard as a place to getaway and entertain. As a result of this a backyard has become the expansion of the interior with a rise in appliances and furniture seen outdoors. A big trend on the rise is fire pits. Fire pits extend the amount of time people can spend outdoors and is seen as a worthwhile investment.

Landscaping design and landscaping ideas in Guelph

2) Edible Outdoor Gardens

As people are becoming increasingly health conscious, outdoor gardens have been on the rise. Fresh plants, herbs, vegetables and fruits give life to your garden but also act as an organic supply of fresh food in your kitchen! If you’re not a gardener, edible gardens can be planned and planted by a landscaper.

Vegetable Gardening and Landscaping Design Ideas in Guelph

3) Colour of the Year – Rose Quartz & Serenity

Pantone announced their colour of the year for 2016 and for the first time it’s a blended hue which consists of Rose Quartz & Serenity. This soft blend of colours will start appearing in gardens this summer in flowers such as hydrangeas and roses.

Landscape Design and Design Ideas in Guelph

4) LED Lighting

Being environmentally friendly is still a growing concern that is not going away. Landscapers this year will continually try to be environmentally conscious by installing LED lighting. Not only are LED lights efficient but they last long and look great!

Outdoor Lights and Landscape Design Ideas in Guelph

5) Mainstream Sustainability

It is increasingly evident that we are becoming busier, and a garden may be the last matter on our mind. This year consumers are looking for low maintenance landscaping that looks great with half the work. HGTV outlines some key design elements for low maintenance gardens, some of which include colourful evergreens, drought-proof containers and living carpets.

Backyard Landscaping Design in Guelph

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