July 25, 2018

Many people have the misconception that townhouses are no different than apartments, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Townhouses are a unique kind of property that differ from apartments, condos and houses, and can be a great option for many people looking to own property.

If you’re considering a move into a townhouse, these are some of the main benefits you can expect to see with townhouse living:

1. Owning a townhouse means owning land

Unlike owning a condo or renting an apartment, owning a townhouse means you actually own the land that your unit is on. Owning the land gives you the freedom to create an outdoor space that suits your life. You can grow a vegetable garden, add a playhouse, and enjoy having private space for your dog to run around.

2. You’re not responsible for the curb appeal

While townhouse living comes with the benefits of owning an outdoor space, you’re not required to keep the front of your house maintained. Most townhouses have homeowner association fees that go towards ensuring that the front of the buildings and landscapes are well maintained. Check with the building’s homeowner association to see what’s included in the monthly fees.

3. You have the privacy of owning your own home

Renting an apartment or even owning a condo often doesn’t come with the same sense of privacy that comes with owning your own home. However, owning a townhouse means that you have your own private entryway, and you don’t have to enter via a shared common space. Your privacy will also be enhanced because you won’t have any neighbours above or below you, like you would with an apartment or condo.

4. Townhouses can be more affordable

If you don’t have the budget for a detached home, townhouses can be a great alternative. They tend to be more affordable than detached homes because they have smaller lot sizes and lower maintenance costs. Utility costs, like heating and cooling, tend to be lower in townhouses because less heat and cool air is lost. Newly built townhouses make great homes for first-time buyers or downsizers.

5. Townhouse developments offer safety and security

Unlike large, sprawling developments where the houses are far apart, townhouses communities offer a sense of safety and security because your neighbours are so close by. The fact that townhouses are so close together discourages burglars from breaking into these types of communities.

6. You’ll live in a great location

Townhouse developments are typically built in great locations, near all of the amenities that you and your family will need. Newly-built townhouse developments are typically located near coffee shops, restaurants, schools and transportation, so you’ll have everything you need within walking distance.

At Dan Clayton Homes, we’re excited about our new townhouse development, coming soon! In the meantime, check out our gallery of past work to see what you can expect from our new townhouses and contact us to find out how we can help you with the home of your dreams.

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