About Dan Clayton Homes

Picture that one house you’ve always wanted to own. You can see all the little details: the vintage light fixtures, the brass doorknobs, the granite countertops. You’ve never been able to find that house—but what if you could create it?

At Dan Clayton Homes, we understand the importance of details. We specialize in custom home design because we love helping people create that house they’ve always imagined. When you decide to build a custom home, you want a builder who is passionate about the project, creative in their approach, and attentive to your needs.

People choose Dan Clayton Homes because our team is passionate, creative and committed to the final product. We are detail-oriented builders, offering those extra features that you can’t do without. This approach set us apart from our competitors—that’s why we were the Nominated Favorite New Home Builder at the Guelph Tribune in 2014.

Our team believes the home building process should be collaborative. We work closely with you to realize your creative vision. From the initial design process until well-past the closing date, Dan and the team will ensure the highest quality of service is delivered. Our mission is to help your ideas become a reality.


Our History

Dan Clayton Homes (DCH) was established in 2011 by long-time Guelph resident and UofG graduate Dan Clayton. Dan’s grandfather, Jack Ingram, was also a home builder and land developer in Guelph. Under Jack’s guidance, Dan learned the value of honesty, reliability and service in his formative years—lessons that he carried into his own career as a home builder.

Guelph is very important to Dan and the team at DCH. We are passionate about the effort that goes into the custom home building process, particularly how our finished product impacts the community landscape. This passion drives our detail-oriented approach.

Our goal is to allow new homeowners to stay in the Guelph area and grow in the ways that they want—that’s why we’re focused on providing high-quality, well-designed homes in the Northern Heights neighborhood of Guelph.